• Raylan13

    Grid 2 reviews

    February 4, 2013 by Raylan13

    The previews are in from news outlets! Check out the snippets below, then follow the links to the full articles.

    • CVG: "The reflections form a convincing shimmer effect that leaves your car looking as though it belongs in the world it inhabits - a trick many racing games still struggle with to this day."
    • Digital Spy: "Swapping paint becomes a guilty pleasure again as car bodies crumple and bonnets fly, and the enhanced physics are genuinely noticeable even to the casual observer, especially as you rattle the car over a grid of steaming vents as you speed out of a tunnel."
    • Eurogamer: "Trash blows across the track in the wind, sparks scatter from the L trains above, and a soaring jet etches its contrails across the sky...Grid 2 instantly makes you…
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